Friday, March 25, 2011

For You....

Life is short
I’ve heard that phrase a-thousand times
But a day is long
When I know that you’re a-thousand miles
From me
Love is long
True love does not die with the light at the end of day
And rise with the sun
Oh life is short
But I know love is long…..
The night is quiet
But I’ve heard the deafening sound
Of the silence coming down
When you’re still far away
And all that I can say is
Life is short
But a night without you is long
I’ll write my love for you
In the words of this song
Oh, yes, life is short
But I know, love is long
Oh, I know it is worth every mile
When I bask in the glow
Of your soft smile
So take your time
I’ll be here for you
Love is mine
In the color blue
Sweet sunshine
My candle in the rain,
Because darling
I love you
Life may be short
But this is true
My love is long
For you………..


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