Friday, March 4, 2011

Not Looking.........

I trace the outline of you in my mind
Pausing to hold you every now and then
Seems to me like you’re always leaving
Where are you off to, my dear little man?
You are no longer a tiny baby
Your once silky cheek bears a ruddy glow
I smile as I watch you chasing a dream, dear
Your footprints like notes of a song in the snow

The horizon is an ever-shifting canvas
The only thing certain, it seems, is change
Still there are memories etched forever
Cradled in thoughts none can re-arrange
I trace the outline of warm, stolen moments
Carefully, softly, tucking them away
I dare not miss the moment I’m holding
Lest while I’m not looking it becomes yesterday


I laughed as Matt left for school
Wearing a Toronto Maple Leaf Jersey
That was still miles to large
But they beat the Philadelphia Flyers last night
And Matt’s gym teacher is a die-heard Flyers fan.
‘Gym teacher’ has had much opportunity to hassle Matt, the Leaf’s fan.
Today Matt wanted his turn……..

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