Monday, March 21, 2011

Heaven's Best

The brook which is blue-green by day
Laughs at night in silver-gray
It wanders through the fern-lined dell
Where once our child-hood shadows fell
And I can hear its echo spill
Peeling from the misty hill
Like the distant thunder rolling
Just before the rain starts falling

The green field under the sun of noon
Lies transformed beneath the moon
A pasture-land of charcoal sheen
With nothing but the wind between
The shore that lines a slate-black lee
Where clouds sail on a starless sea
And time is but a lonesome soul
Straggling through its big black bowl

As night wheels onward through the sky
How sad to think that you and I
Must miss its moody glory spilt
With shut eye tucked beneath a quilt
How sad to know this splendid world
Spreads like a miracle unfurled
While I am duty-bound to rest
And close my eyes to heaven’s best


It was SO HARD to go to bed the other night
And tear myself away from the unfolding of
A moonlit masterpiece!!!

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