Monday, March 21, 2011

Full Moon Night

I step outside
Hugging the warmth
Inside my robe closer to me
But I must feel you
Without the barrier of glass between……. .Us
The night air is lissome in your glow
The breeze a kiss upon my brow
The frieze of the horizon line
Taunts just beyond this reach of mine
Bordering a masterpiece
Of silver-gray and pale chartreuse
Heaven dips earth-ward tonight
Spilling its splendor in dazzling starlight
Above the sweeping, mellow tune
Sung by the weeping of the moon
A melody of days and years
Caught suddenly within my tears
I know the moon is not to blame
But somehow it breathes your name
And here with you in the moonlight
Heaven bends a little closer tonight


Was that full moon not absolutely SPECTACULAR
on Saturday night?

Because of MAJOR internet issues I am unable to
post with pictures:( right now....

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