Saturday, March 26, 2011


What is it about love?
It brings those far away
Near to us
And I feel you now
As though you really were
A finger-print or two away
Like the lines I trace
On this map in front of me
And why does love erase
Barriers that would otherwise
Be insurmountable?
The color of your eyes
Surrounds me
In a world of blue
And I smile
For I know
In a little while
I will touch you
Darling, we live in moments
It is true
I treasure every one of them with you
Whether you are near or far away
Moments become the whispers of yesterday
But the moment I am in
None can steal
And deep within me I can feel
Your heart-beat next to mine
And o-h-h-h, I love you
Love is divine


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