Monday, March 21, 2011

The Emerging of Spring

There’s a soundless stirring in the balmy atmosphere
As subtle as the softening of the sky
Just before the first vague hint of dawning would appear
To push the deep and darker shades awry

The dormant limb upon the tree now flaunts a ruby jewel
Unnoticed by the hurried passer-by
The winter wind and sassy breeze have sparked a sudden duel
While snow and rain-drop join the rivalry

The imminence of things to come sets eager hearts a-surging
Anticipation throbs within our breast
With keener eye we search the landscape for the soft emerging
Of the Hand that puts the winter gale to rest

As daylight slides into the dusk so too the seasons blend
With no exact, distinctive rhyme or reason
To tell of spring’s arrival or of winter’s certain end
But subtly the signs become the season


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