Thursday, March 10, 2011


Do you hear it?
In the trembling of light-touched trees
As the eager fingers of dawn
Play on the rushing breeze
Or in the moody quietness of dusk
As shadows slip across the day
And another day folds behind us
In forty shades of gray
Do you hear it?
As you pause for a little while
And contemplate life and love
With the hint of heavens smile
Gleaming on ribbed-cloud up above
And need becomes more dominant
Than longing or desire
Do you hear it softly moaning
In a wind-tossed pine-tree spire?
Do you hear the things I want to whisper
But somehow I cannot say?
As life’s moments wrap around us
And today becomes yesterday
While time’s translucent power
Keeps the doorway tightly barred
In the ticking of the hours…..
…….darling, do you hear my heart?


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