Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Look......

Are you thinking that maybe you’re not sure why
You get up when the daylight dawns?
Are you wondering why you rise and shine
Is the vigor of youthfulness gone?
Well, if you are tempted to wonder a bit
And think life has passed you by
Then stop, take a moment before you quit
And look into the eyes of a child

Look into the eyes of a dear little boy
Gaze at his innocent face
Here is a reason for purpose and joy
So soon they will take our place
Look into the eyes of a little girl
Cup her chin in your palm
For you hold the most precious thing in the world
You can ever lay eyes upon

If you’re tempted to think there is no reason left
To dream and hope and build
It will surely put back a spring in your step
As you gaze at the eyes of a child
Dazzling green, gentle brown, pure blue
Precious and undefiled
As you look you will see looking back at you
New hope, in the eyes of a child


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