Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More of You.....

You seep into me
Like the glow of the sun
You pour into me
Like wild rivers run
You breathe into me
Like a sky of pure blue
And I want to learn more.........
....so much more about You

You reach for me
Through the prayer of a friend
And I feel your touch
Somewhere deep within
The Hand that cradles
The vast ocean blue
Reaches for me…..
And I want more of You

Bright as the morning
Soft as a dove
I feel the wonder
Of Your perfect love
Breathing into me
From out of the blue
And I reach for more…
…so much more of You

The Creator of earth
And heaven above
Fills me with worth
Through His wondrous love
There’s not one thing
That I can do
But reach out for more…..
….so much more of You



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