Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moment of Reflection.....

As petal or leaf flutters soundlessly
Into the rushing stream
So, life’s little losses fall from me
Like remnants of a dream

If I could control the quadrille of time
Then I could hold back the sun
I cannot bring back one day of my life
Or one moment, when it is gone

The wind sweeps from the hillside tonight
With a wild and lonesome moan
It tears at me somewhere deep inside
In a sorrowful undertone

Waking thoughts and agonies
Which seem to sleep by day
They come upon me suddenly
In bitter-sweet blue-gray

I weep, not for myself
But for those who cannot sleep tonight
Or hear the echo of a dream
Because of grief and fright……….

And though, 'hope springs immortal'
We cannot help but weep
And cry to God in sorrow
For the ones who cannot sleep

(thinking of Japan….)


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