Friday, March 25, 2011

The Quest

Some long for fame and fortune
Their hour in the sun
Forgetting in a moment
It could all be gone
Some long for the arms of
Anyone but who they’ve got
Forgetting that true love
Is not a game of ‘love me not’

Some long for a destination
Far across the sea
Their life an imitation
Of whom they wish to be
And some long for anything
It seems but what they have
Living in a foolish dream
Instead of in their life

But I’ve got what I want
I’m glad to be me
I wouldn’t wish me on anyone else
So its better this way, you see
And I’ve got what I want
Because when God gave me you
Well, I guess He must have known
That no one else would do

Happiness is not a city
Or a place where we arrive
Yet, is it not a pity
Some search for it all of their life
Happiness is the journey
Contentment in God’s great plan
Happiness needs no money
And is free to anyone

Let's not waste our moments in longing
For things beyond our reach
We all have moments of wanting
Or the ache of an unfulfilled wish
But oh what a pity to miss it
The moment we briefly clasp
Because we were foolishly wishing
For something beyond our grasp


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