Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love's Reasoning.....

I don’t really want you to be
Like the book I’ve read too many times
Losing its allure somewhere
Between the once-loved lines

I love the yellow full moon
But I also love the rain
And knowing you’ll be home soon
Adds sweet pleasure to my pain

We seem to gather pleasures
Each in our own personal ways
Darling, you’re my greatest treasure
Wish that I could touch your face

Some pleasures are preceded by desire
Some come upon us unexpectedly
I will not pause to inquire
Which pleasure you are to me

We cannot begin a new season
Until the old one ends
But let’s love without rhyme or reason
For time waits on no man

I don’t really want you to be
A memory between dusty pages
Darling, love me slowly
Do not rush me through life’s stages

I hope we’re somewhere in the middle
The beginning far behind and the end still far away
All I’m really sure of is I love you a little……
…..a little more than I did yesterday


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