Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Pictures, they just sit and stare
And they never say a word
Frozen in an image where
Hearts and memories are stirred
And I pause to wipe a tear
Darling, it’s almost like you’re here

The keen wind breathes a melody
Where the bluer shadows fall
I can feel you here with me
It’s like you never left at all
I reach out to touch your face
No one else can take your place

Pictures, they just sit and stare
Silent echoes from the past
It is more than I can bear
As I reach to hold you fast
For there are no words to speak
My tear falls on your paper cheek


1 comment:

  1. Janet, would it be okay if I use this for a scrapbook layout? I will make sure your name is on it...I want to give credit where credit it due! :D It's a GREAT poem! I love it! :D


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