Monday, March 7, 2011

Perfect Hurt...........

When I look at a sunset
It almost steals my breath away
And sometimes as I view earth’s beauty
I don’t know what to say
There are no words to quite describe
A sky of perfect blue
And I feel all of this combined
When I look at you

You steal my breath away
There is no perfect word
To say what I want to say
But there’s a perfect hurt
It washes over me
In countless shades of blue
It’s pleasure’s agony
Every time I look at you

I’m glad we cannot reach
The vastness of the sky
And mar the endless glory
God reveals o’er you and I
I’m glad no one can touch
The aching in my soul
And mar the love I have for you
The hurt that keeps me whole

You steal my breath away
Oh, what a perfect hurt
I’m glad there is no way
To find the perfect word…….


The sky is perfect blue today….

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