Saturday, September 30, 2017

Of Come-What-May and Hip-hip-hooray...God Is On His Throne

This morning one of my waking thoughts was the words to this Steve Wariner song;
Sun is up, 
Time's at hand
There's a stir across the land
And so begins another day on life's highway...

...and so begins another day of plans and the happenings thereof
or of dealing with life when it does not go according to plan.
like those suffering on hurricane-stricken islands,
or those longing to be with loved ones but cannot due to crisis in the country(such as South Sudan)
This little blue dot hung in space groans with confusion 
that comes with turning one's back on
and one's heart against its Creator God
until many do not even know that they are doing so,
ignorant of the Love that begets light of day
and longs to be our Hope and Stay

Who can foretell come-what-may
Laden with the light of day
Voyageurs on life’s highway
One and all are we
None can sway earth’s seasoned sod
Nor the Staying Hand of God
Faith and hope and mercy shod
We trod toward He
Who, Jehovah, never veers
Never changes with the years
Greater than man’s temp’ral fears
Is His Majesty

Thus, no matter come-what-may
In dark night or light of day
God sets His watch on life’s way
Rife with soul-charged dust
None can thwart what He ordains
Even consequence remains
In the place where He sustains
Remorse; He is just
Therefore, we who seek will find
Strength though weak and sight though blind
God is merciful and kind
Our part is to trust

Sun is up and who can say
What will come to pass today
But, no matter come-what-may
We are not alone
Overhead, around, beneath
Faithful in both life and death
Is He who breathed our first breath
Shaped our skin and bone
He will not leave or forsake
We of stumble and mistake
No matter what move we make
God is on His throne

© Janet Martin

the words to this hymn are so powerful;
this is why I post and re-post it!

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