Saturday, September 2, 2017


Yesterday was the last day of 'School-kids daycare'.
Next week it's back to preschoolers as their teacher mommies and daddies return to the classroom
...another summer sealed in echo-land.


Days, hued with expectation roll, cajoling hands and feet
Like mighty waves surging to naught where sea and shoreline meet
Then all that we have left of hours as seasons bloom and fade
Are treasures culled and garnered from Time’s common promenade

This push and shove of live-laugh-love can stun our eager will
Where what we thought was ‘time enough’ teased touch and such until
The tete-a-tete of hold-let-go and moments yet to feel
Evolve and then dissolve like oceans splayed on sands surreal

Oh, spinning spiel of silk and steel, what wonder-worlds you weave
The ilk of day-to-day a prize we celebrate yet grieve
For always in the hello we learn, hovers its farewell
Where no one can return to clasp what past cannot quite quell

The taunt of what yet waits to be makes want a virile Thing
That leaves within its wake what we make of its rendering
Slow down, slow down oh, hurried feet with nowhere left to be
But here and now, where wow and how spills hollows in its spree

…and summer, like a tumbleweed rolls to the setting sun
Where in its sprawling shadows children laugh and call and run
Quite unaware of how the air of carefree days spills rife
With teeny tick-tock treasures meting the measure of life

© Janet Martin

 'My favorite color of outside is snow', remarked a picnic-ing little boy dreamily 
as he stared over stubble-gold fields with peach juice dripping from his chin... 

Here is a video that my daughter Emily sent me to remind us to 'slow down'! 


  1. The poem and the picture,to me, awaken the glories of summer.

    1. thank-you:) For me the best kind of glories that be!


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