Thursday, September 28, 2017

...As Everyone Is Asking Where Sweet, Sweet September Went

 Where oh, where did sweet September go??? dripped in a drop 
 and it slipped in a plop
of red apple laughter
 and yellow-leaf caught

soft on a silver and purple-plumed fell
 primed with a sonnet of summer farewell

The offspring of acquittal and rebuttal tunes a tide
That vexes and perplexes with irrevocable stride
It keeps proprietors of clock-stock ever on our toes
While pondering the age-old conundrum of where Time goes

Tis quite a subtle fling between first cry and final sleep
As mist of mystic Moment slips through grip’s ephem’ral keep
This here-today-and-gone-tomorrow beg-and-borrow ploy
Soils-cleans the cup, spoils-keens the sup of love’s sweet sorrow-joy

The wheel that packs the track where what we lack cheers what we hold
Is ethereal yet weaves an odyssey of gray and gold
As floors that roar with seasons spent spill solid solitude
Where everything that came and went is dust-to-dust subdued

Autumnal topiary eases us from summer’s swell
A sentimental poem pleads where none can thwart farewell
As offspring of daylight to dark vexes the eager stride
Of weathered pioneers aboard the bark of season-tide

© Janet Martin

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