Thursday, September 28, 2017

Why Poets? Why Poems?

To cheer the dull dormer
To salute the former
To paint with a murmur
A picture of thought
To hail far-off fellow
To scale willow-cello
And touch time’s lost hello
With tittle of jot

To sail summer’s schooner
When winter comes sooner
Than we expected
In the prime of youth
To etch on plain paper
Child’s innocent caper
To press on page-patience
Age old words of truth

To probe faded flowers
And revisit hours
That day-night devours
Without heed or care
To love with ink-ardor
And revere the charter
Where words beg and barter
From arbors of air

To tickle our fancy
With fickle romance-y
To dance with a drifter
Of whisper and pen
To write then to wonder
What waits over yonder
If poet should plunder
‘Perhaps’ once again

To hold to the Holy
And traverse more slowly
The hill and the valley
Of days come to pass
To keen callous senses
To Ageless Immense-ness
Hinged to shimmered deftness
In life’s hour-glass

© Janet Martin


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