Monday, September 4, 2017

Of Unfinished Perhapses

‘Special Family moments’ was my sister’s title to a photo collage on Facebook…
Oh, isn’t that the best treasure of life?
Let’s make today’s moments as special as we can!

(below, a photo-collage with some of our family on vacation)

Whether it’s a walk in the garden
Or *filling a crock with flowers
Whether it’s a book ‘neath a tree by a brook
Where summer spills its remnant hours

Whether its taking or leaving
Let’s make the most of Now’s glance
Whether we choose to sit for a bit
Or kick off our shoes and dance

Whether its warm bread and honey
Or September's blue-gold afternoon
Let’s never waste what none can re-taste
After the licking of spoon

Whether its laughter or sorrow
(for where there is love, both exist)
Whether its Must is a trial of trust
Or Love, gently rocked-cradled-kissed

Whether its nothing but Being
Fully wherever we be
Of work, play and pray, let’s make today
A beautiful memory

© Janet Martin

 *In this area, if one does not have a garden to pick flowers to fill crocks,
 many roadside stands offer bloom-bouquets ready to brighten anywhere you place them!

Today's memories hopefully will include pears and tomatoes joining jarred peaches!

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