Thursday, September 21, 2017


Sometimes I almost stagger beneath the intensity of flashbacks as Time almost repeats itself...
A Glimpse at our celebration of the last day of summer...
(kinda like it used to be when the little ones were my own)

Ball bounces;
Beauty is boyish and boisterous
Curl flounces;
Cutie is girlish and sweet
Mom announces
Time for supper
Door slams,
Floor rings with hymns of bare feet
Time is a dog nipping at their heels
Gladness is knowing how heaven on earth feels
Ball bounces;
Boy is nowhere to be seen
Curl flounces;
Girl is seventeen

© Janet Martin 

 I was looking for an old post of Matt bouncing the basket-ball but I couldn't find it :(
that's the worst thing about this blog, 
even with labels it is sometimes/often impossible to find an oldie!

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