Thursday, September 21, 2017

Above The Quiet Gaping Grave...

 Not last night but the night before a middle-aged woman from our community
 in her sleep, suddenly passed through the thin veil that separates Time from Eternity...
leaving her family behind to mourn and remember.
Once again it behooves us to consider the legacy we are weaving 
(and none of us knows how soon) leaving!
Rest in peace, Joyce
Thoughts and prayers with Murray and family...

Above the quiet, gaping grave
A wave of people surge
Must’s noise employs its servant-slave
Where trust and dust soon merge

Across the surf of steadfast truth
Time’s numbered tallies toll
It manufactures from fair youth
Man-woman’s weighty role

Around and round the little clock
The hands of tick-tock weave
With stitches of moment-ous stock
The legacies we leave

Against the tide of here and now
Humankind sets a stage
As choice and recompense bestow
Their inseparable wage

Above the quiet, gaping grave
We love-laugh-hope-pray-weep
Glints on a temp'ramental wave
Cupped in a Father’s keep

…where not one will escape the place
The undoing of human race
‘Til only Soul remains

© Janet Martin

Do you ever picture this?
This mortal tide not as bodies but as Souls...
all on our way back to a face to face reunion with The Giver and Forgiver!
We carry in vessels of skin and bone, the groan of eternity!
Do you ever picture this Awful, Awesome Meeting?


  1. Beautifully woven. Thank you.

    1. Thank-you Martin. though i did not meet Joyce on a regular basis, each time I did I was struck by her 'niceness'! A time of deep shock and sorrow for all who loved her!

  2. Janet, you have a way of entering a heart. That is so beautiful. So sad and so sorry to hear about this sudden death of a mother, wife, friend ... my sympathies.

    1. Thank-you Glynis. An unforgettable, genuinely lovely and kind woman whose loss will be felt deeply by all who knew her!


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