Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Symphony

All day long the prelude played

...leading up to twilight's climax! 

The rainbow lasted quite a don't do justice to the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen!

Soft blended hues of green-gray-blues
Unravels a symphonic haze
Like cello-tune, yellow-maroon
Empyrean boon woos mortal gaze

Landscape sprawls rife with earth’s still-life
Nature employs Beauty’s baton
Where Maestro of mercy and love
Composes hymns to look upon

Gold-gilded leaf, dust-spangled sheaf
Heath, haloed with amethyst mist
Sun-dazzled rills, blue-bathed foothills
Amber-anointed dusk, musk-kissed

Vermilion tints and russet glints
Prelude to crowning crescendo
Tempo of rain on burnished main
Cadence of poplar, birch, willow

Percussion-plume, rainbow in bloom
Minstrels attired in grass and wood
Coral and purple, orchestral
…and Author’s assent, 'it is good'

© Janet Martin

So many stunning snap-shots today. It's hard to choose only a few:)

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