Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This Again?!

I was not going to write this morning. 
It seemed everywhere I looked a non-exotic supply of 'this again' sought immediate attention!

Then, when Little Girl arrived her mom shared this 'chuckle'. 
It was just what this mom needed!
After all, it is life's chuckles that keep us from buckling beneath the weight of 'this agains'!

"Last night at her own home Little Girl I Babysit looked at the supper on her plate
( which looked suspiciously like a repeat from the previous night
and she asked  ‘Dad, what is this on my plate?!”
"It’s chicken", replied Her Dad. 
Dad and Mom watched her drop her head as she muttered, “oh no! not this again!”

Aren't we all guilty of saying this sometimes as we survey nondescript to-do-lists for the day?

Sometimes in living’s commonness of who-what-where-why-when
We overlook the beauty in Plain Duty’s ‘this again’
As, often without second thought we do the things we do
Forgetful of the godsends cloaked in scores of ‘nothing new’

The give and take of sleep and wake and off to work we go
Sometimes rewards us with a sudden outcry of ‘oh no
Then, earnestly we wish for nothing more than That Kind When
…a plain and simple sample of life’s mundane ‘this again’

The ink that fills quixotic quills soon spills in routine script
The dreamer learns that not one jot returns from Yester’s crypt
So we should cherish and thank God for the kind rod of task
For ‘this again’ is a blessing for which we seldom ask

Like petals strewn where flowers swoon then soon fade from the vine
So too, the say and do that tunes the touch betrayed by time
Then do not fret when bud begets the bloom of ‘this again’
Beneath it all the freefall of God’s mercy IS again

For ‘this again’ is subject to the subtle wand of change
What seems like an eternity soon winds of Time estrange
The beck and call in rise and fall of dawn to dark makes plain
How fragile is the hour-flower bent with ‘this again

© Janet Martin

 The LORD'S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.  
They are new every morning; 
Great is Your faithfulness.  
"The LORD is my portion," says my soul,
"Therefore I have hope in Him."…

One of my favourite 'this-agains'
 is this...

...and one more chuckle added a few hours later


  1. Thank you Janet! How true that there are so many "this agains" that we long for with all our being once they are no more. Beautiful poem and beautiful thoughts.

    1. Thank-you Lynne, for your thoughts as well! So true. I try to remind myself of that on a regular basis, like when a hockey bag sits in my laundry room and I finally figure out what is making my house smell like a dead animal!! lol;-)


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