Monday, September 4, 2017

Thank God For Work...Happy Labour Day

 Though to-do lists this time of year can seem over-whelming,
 Thank God for work!
Everything tastes better after a good day's work...whether food or sleep!

Thank God for work to fill with worth
The hand; pray, idleness we shun
Lest lack of cause for pure applause
Robs us of joy for jobs well done

Thank God for chores where Want implores
The idle mind and hand to lust
Look; what began as Curse to man
Works for our good…tilling of dust

For nothing breeds unholy deeds
Like hands set idle in the lap
So love, if you have work to do
Pause for a bit and clap and clap

Thank God for toil and labor’s spoil
Trust Him for strength to see us through
The commonness and loveliness
Of having lots of work to do

© Janet Martin

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