Friday, September 22, 2017

Awesome Autumn...(and an oldie repost of Ode to the Apple)

Happy First Day of Autumn, everyone!
Right now we are having more summer-like weather than we did all summer!!
...turning the apples I was planning to 'applesauce' next week into a Must for today

Because none of us knows if this will be our last
first day of fall,let's make it a good best one, 'kay?
(recently this community has had a few sudden, grim reminders of how volatile life is)

  (see Ode to the Apple rerun below) it begins; earth's Awesome undoing

Carpet of cricket-song covers the land
Colors coordinate ‘neath High Command
Carmine, magenta, sienna, gold, tan
Vision is awed by God’s Masterpiece plan

Plum, pink, peach, persimmon, purple, earth’s grief
Tossed to the tress of deciduous leaf
Nature’s grand Magnum Opus is unfurled
We watch God, awed by autumn’s wonder-world

Treetops like beacons against azure blue
Stirs us to worship; ah, we must choose Who
I choose the Maestro of earth’s orchestra
Tuning thought’s tempest with ultimate awe

Carpet of crackle beneath our feet
Farewell, a sparkle of red bittersweet
Here on a heath of demise we applaud
Death; Awed by Beauty of each breath of God

Humbly we harvest the fruit of the field
Mercy-filled seed-pods burgeon with hope’s yield
Orchard bends earthward, so too sprig and vine
Hungry hearts awed by God’s Supreme design

© Janet Martin

Ode to the Apple

Apple cakes
Apple tarts,
Apple crumble
Apple crisp
Apple muffins
Apple salads
Apple fritter
Apples dipped
Apple jelly
Apple butter
Apple loaf
With apple tea
Apple grunts
And apple goodie
Fit enough
For royalty
Apple strudel
Apple Danish
Apple stuffing
Apple flan
Apple dumpling
Apple stewed
Apple sauce
Poured from a can
Apple wine
Apple cider
Apple roll-ups
Apple pies
Apple cheese-cake
Apple trifle
Apples for a snow-man’s eyes
Apple Brown-betty
Apple pan-dowdy
Apple torte
And apple pared
Apple cobbler
Apples sliced, or dried
In squares
Apples baked
With cinnamon-sugar
Apples on a Christmas tree
Tell me is there any other
Fruit with such versatility?
Re-posting an oldie because it's applesauce-making day...


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