Monday, October 2, 2017

Ongoing Objective...

 Gorgeous awning opens new day...

Each day we live we ought to give
In all we do with all we have
The best we can where test and plan
Go hand in hand into the grave

Each day we wake we ought to take
This gift that pours from Mercy’s Grail
God’s Love allows, He will not fail

Each day we face is by God’s grace
Not one escapes his tender view
Then pray that we live heedfully
In all we say and all we do

For each new day that comes our way
In all we cannot know, we know
And by His Providence we go

© Janet Martin

“No children today so I need to make this day count”, 
I remarked to Victoria as I surveyed a mental to-do list.
I was sharply rebuked by my words before they were out of my mouth.
Pray we strive to make every day count for each day is a gracious gift from God!

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