Thursday, September 21, 2017

September Gold

September's free-for-all gold glory-days surely deserves a bitty poem!
Good-bye, my sweet, sweet beloved summer...
Hello, darling fall;-)

With gilt of gold September weaves
A fragile quilt of gathered sheaves
Of golden rod and burnished leaves
And we all pause to stare
At nature’s wealth so freely spread
Across the heath that harbors dead
And drinks the tears of faith and dread
A gorgeous thoroughfare

…where beauty will not cease its cause
As seasons adhere to earth’s laws
And even misers must applause
Her resplendent demise
Lavish, the dress of common days
Enshrouded in bold, golden haze
Before merlot and scarlet blaze
Seduces our eyes

What treasure this, September gold
Where none can hoard but all behold
Her grandeur as sweet summer folds
Into autumn with ease
Where soon fond frenzy of farewell
Will flame upon the hill, the dell
A vault that cups the leaf-shaped knell
Of spilled-gold memories

© Janet Martin

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  1. You did marvelously bring the season alive.


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