Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Where The Sun Pours Gold...

Sometimes some things (tomato-like )have to wait because others don't...
Like a mist-mellow morning begging to be biked!
So I did;-) Below, a glimpse of the glory of a rural Ontario sunny September's morn.

Where the sun pours gold
From a Higher Hold
To time’s ways so old,
Yet new with each morn
Where, by God’s design,
Seasons rise and shine
Like bud-to-bloom vine
That is purged and reborn

Where landscapes are kissed
With halos of mist
Before amethyst
Yields to yellow and blue
Where Unknowns soft-hover
While we learn, discover
And ever the over
Leads to something new

Where summer-song sweeps
Through green, wooded deeps
Yet no fence line keeps
Autumn’s easel at bay
…where once we were younger
And quicker and stronger
Before hope and hunger
Blew youth’s blush away

Where wonder and woe
Are life’s high and low
It will always be so
Everything comes to pass
Where, as time goes by
We sense in its ply
A frost-silver sigh
On a garden of grass

© Janet Martin

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