Friday, September 8, 2017

Of Everlasting No Return...

 A few of Yesterday's Everlasting No Returns....

  above; supper-salad from the glory-days of gardening:)

This place of leaves and grass and trees
That cups the steep of Time
Weathers both mortal piracy
And nature’s pantomime

It teaches ‘neath the elements
Of stars and moon and sun
The certainty of recompense
For Deed when it is done

Its plethora of choice invites
The voice of touch, not lips
Where aftermath of it incites
Present-day fellowships

Aha, the law of come and go
While souls are clad in skin
Insists upon both high and low
To gather harvest in

This place of sheaves on eve-tide’s slope
Of gardens gleaned and bare
Of fallow filled with faith and hope
And triumph and despair

Splays scenic ways to come to terms
With what none can escape
The everlasting no return
Of moments taking shape

© Janet Martin

Wishing you wonderful views of the mind 
when today's everlasting no-return is left behind!


  1. "...moments taking shape" - A key to wonder. Well expressed.

    1.'s one of those things we never fully grasp 'in the moment'!


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