Monday, September 4, 2017

Of Unmined Splendor...

It's the last day before back-to-school in Canada. 
Social media is filled with pics of first-year college and university students setting up their away-from-home homes for the first time while mother's/parents learn just how far heart-strings can stretch and not break! hugs all around:)
As moms/parents(I can only speak as a mom), we tend to be reluctant to learn lessons we must
Because the answers to these lessons are in a book entitled 'Trust'

Oh my, that part of us that none but God can fully know
Braves the fine art of holding while the ache of reach lets go
How soft and swift the common sift of moment-mites estrange
Where nothing stays the same for long yet some things never change

We feel our faces for a smile though eyes betray the heart
No shrewd collusion can beguile the While that clocks impart
Where each of us is at the mercy of day’s rise and set
And none of us can sway the course that force of it begets

We teach and are taught by what seems like quotidian dues
While caught up in a tide of toys, noise, crumbs and running shoes
Then, once upon a slamming door and quest for peace so kind
The story of a little house leaves child’s carouse behind

No flower lasts forever, no delight keeps its first thrill
No hour has an appetite that moments can quite fill
Where on the doorstep of a season we hail its veneer
Before we turn to watch the tail-ends of Then disappear

Darling, I didn’t know, though, oh, They told us it was so
How quick the tick and tock of clocks melds Now to a slideshow
Where pictures play on a projector held in tender sighs
While we return to till the place where unmined splendor lies

© Janet Martin

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  1. Oh yes... I can so relate. Thank you very much.


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