Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Not Too Late...

 Let's give today our all 
With pure joy, like a child
And if we trip and fall
Let's get back up and smile
Let's reach for fruit, astute
Ah, like we know we should
So when seeds drop and start to root
It's harvest will be good

Life is a fine balance of 'don't sweat the small stuff' and 'in love, the little things are the big things'.
My how often the 'little' challenges the 'big'!

It’s not too late to try again
Oh, do not live this day in vain
My love, the love of God sustains
Though word and deed have slipped awry
His grace forgives if we repent
Hope lives in spite of ways sad-spent
Today is not The Last Judgement
His mercy grants another try

It’s not too late to try once more
The gateway to Forevermore
Is barred; Far East swings wide a door
Unveiling a new day of grace
Then, to honor He who supplants
Rebel-replies with one more chance
Let’s give our best to He who grants
Patience and hope to human race

It’s not too late for one more shot
To give it all that we have got
We owe more than defeated thought
To He who gives more than we earn
So then, lest we yield to despair
Or buckle ‘neath life’s load of care
Let’s start this new day with a prayer
Then trust to God each twist and turn

© Janet Martin

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