Thursday, June 1, 2017

Invocation to June

Come, sweet deliverer of days
That dawn early and linger late
You stir the soul with wholesome praise
For mercies fragrant, flower-shaped
And on a page of greenest phrase
Make common poets laureates

Come, pretty plot of paradise
Rife with new life drawn from staid dust
Where brooks are garnished with soft sighs
Of yellow stars and dreamer’s lust
And every day is like a prize
Pink-purple-gold trophies of trust

Come, season-divined doggerel
Thy poetry is like a prayer
In temples framed by hill and dell
With roof of sky and walls of air
Where testaments of heaven swell
From earthy founts of petal-fare

Come, tender splendor of a tune
Strummed by minstrels of rain and rose
Where choristers of nature croon
The hymns that leaf-lyrists compose
Come, formless pantheon called June
Praise God from whom thy merit flows

© Janet Martin

Sincere apologies to the first no. of readers to this poem, posted before proper proof-reading, with half-writ lines and word repetition, just to name a few of the oopsies corrected!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful - poem and photos!

    1. thank-you Angela! rural Ontario in June is a poem everywhere one looks!

  2. Wonderful and beautiful tribute to the gift of June.

    1. thank-you Martin. I just returned from a bike ride through it's beauty and wonder land and sky! yes, a gift indeed!!


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