Monday, June 19, 2017

Subtle Undoing

 ...and so it goes; baby grows! Grandson Brantley is entering the world of...FOOD!!! such fun:)

Subtle undoing of skylines and stars
Spars with pursuit and its dream
Circumstance siphons from infinite jars
Heart and soul’s earnest esteem
Fragile, the flower that blooms on the air
Tugging time’s bower twixt hope and despair

Unknowns unravel and leave in their wake
Fragments of what used to be
Darling, the gavel of life’s give and take
Falls with velocity
Who can undo what runs through to and from?
Tenacious, vexing, ubiquitous sum

Onyx annulment of middle-night wanes
Filling our visage with gold
Past, like a fasting beast on the east feigns
Fortune; it slips from our hold
Anguish and awe in raw fullness allies
With the undoing of dawn’s wooing skies

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, mouth’s sweet-simple joy
My, what a blessed bunch are we
Life lends us laughter with wee girl and boy
Home houses its family
When and where spills its allotment; we drink
Chins dripping with time’s invisible ink

Incessant circuit of morn, noon and night
Moves through yon, blue vestibule
Labyrinth woven with grief and delight
Shards of steel, whispers of tulle
What but God’s love, can comfort twilight’s toll
Subtle undoing of all but the soul

© Janet Martin


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