Tuesday, June 27, 2017

With Providential Approval and Dave Update

 Photo Scripture reference; Psalm 147:8-11

Inherent seed
Of pride and greed
Of selfishness and lusting
Suffers the rod
Of loving God
So we may learn to trust Him

We, prone to sin
The Lord doth win
Not where green pasture pleases
But in life’s storm
We seek the Arm
Of He who never leaves us

And though the ‘why’
May birth our cry
To Him; His love so tender
Lifts, as we bow
Within the ‘How’
The heart of meek surrender

The broken ‘me’
Begins to see
How utter our reliance
How all we have
The good Lord gave
Love rebukes our defiance

God works all things together
He does not change
His love the same
In fair or foulest weather

Inherent seed
Of pride and greed
Would be our certain ruin
God, rich in love
Gently approves
What draws us nearer to Him

© Janet Martin

I know I've posted this song on numerous posts but it is such a beaut!

Thank-you for the continued flood of support for the family through kind words, thoughts and prayers; thank-you for 'traveling' with us!

Here is last night's and this morning's update from Dave's wife Karen:

Hi Everyone
Today we had some good things happen, and some parts were rough.
He had a rough night- while I got a good much needed sleep, he had a long coughing spell . When I come in this morning he didn’t look himself. The Dr. come in and said Dave you don’t look so good, so the Dr. is changing his pain meds again. The Dr. informs me of his break; He broke all his left ribs but not just once, he did multiple times. Dave has some ribs that are just floating. They are to heal up, but floating makes it worse. Told Dave he needs to get moving to get his lungs goings. Cough every hr to make sure that he doesn’t get infection in the lungs.
By noon when they came in to try and get him sitting again on the side of the bed, they actually got him standing. My tears were flowing. It was so amazing to see. He did a great job.
He was good until later in the evening, then he had more pain again and had another one of his coughing spells. Those are so hard on him, so painful.
I stayed with him until he had all the phlegm coughed up and then I went home when he was resting. He said it is OK for me to go home and get some sleep; He will let me know if there is time I need to stay again. (Makes it so much easier on me when I know he is fine with me going home) He cares for me even when he is there in so much pain.
It is just so hard because he just can’t do anything himself. Can't use his left side and his right arm just doesn't work right! The nurses are great but they have so many more patients to look after they can't always be there when he needs them.
Krista is able to take me in the morning when she goes to work so I am able to be there by 8 and that way I am there to see his Dr. and help him with the morning things.
They are hoping in a day or so the tube in his lungs can be removed. He still has the oxygen because his breathing is hard when he moves.

This morning;
 Just called down and the nurse said last night he got his best rest so far, no coughing spells in the night and he rested nicely.


  1. "The heart of meek surrender" is so hard to have when we're tempted to understand "the why." Your family is so strongly rooted in faith -- you'll withstand anything. You are a true inspiration. Thank you. Sending prayers.

    1. Thank-you Sasha, SO much for your prayers and support! We can feel God's peace even though we are not immune to asking 'why?!' What a comfort to know someday we won't even need to know why...our mortal point of view forever erased! My prayers for you and yours continue as well!


  2. Thank you so much for the update on your brother and the inspiring poem.


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