Thursday, June 8, 2017

Going With Flow

Cool, said Matt, you got a nice sunset for your birthday!

 I did get a sunset, and because it was almost dark when I got home last night
I didn't find a birthday surprise left on my front porch, until this morning...
Thank-you, Lucy!Tthe gift was so thoughtful and perfect! I have a new favourite mug:)
but mostly I am disappointed that I was not home when you dropped by...

A gift from afar...thank-you, Sasha:)

A Hibiscus plant I received a year ago (thank-you Dar:) popped its first bloom in quite a while

Futile to fret and push against 
The forward flow of Time 
Better to live and give kind thanks 
To He who grants its chime

Lest we forget while we break bread 
And drink life's brimming cup
To give the praise for all our days 
To He who fills it up

(last stanza optional)
For, far too soon, morn turns to noon
And noon to twilight's toll
Futile to fret lest we forget
Life's greatest Yet; the soul

Janet Martin~


  1. Happy Birthday, Janet! Flowers, coffee, chocolate, and a gorgeous sunset--sounds like a perfect birthday! <3

    1. Hi Jennifer, so good to 'see' you! Thank-you for the birthday wishes:) and yes, it was a wonder-full day. SO much to be thankful for.

  2. I am on the other side. Time last much too long. Still I am grateful to my Creator for the many opportunities to serve.

    1. Martin , what a commendable attitude! thank-you.


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