Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall...


Our writer's group homework assignment; to take a nursery rhyme and add a modern-day twist...

Humpty Dumpty sat on 'The Wall'
To watch the Great America fall
All the democrats and republicans
Not able to put America together again

Humpty Dumpty, an egg, people say
Cried, ‘pity the people and pity the day
When, with war of words and shaking of fists
We wonder if loving kindness still exists’

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall
Waiting out a countdown to 'Babylon’s fall'
But he dozed off, as eggs will, I guess
And he fell, oh, but it was a shell of a mess

Humpty Dumpty grew famous in death
His name on everyone’s lips with each breath
Crowds gathered to babble about Dumpty’s disgraces
Unaware of the glaring yellow egg on their faces

© Janet Martin

This was written in fun.
 (reposting by request, after deleting the original post:)
For a more serious look at politics read here; Discernment in The Trump Era

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