Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Well, sort of 'after'. We didn't have time to finish it but maybe by the end of the week!
The before picture doesn't really show all the dead and overgrown-ness, but
the landscaping is due for an overhaul. 
Tomorrow we want to add color!

Brantley could not understand what grandma was doing NOT holding and playing with him all day

Sometimes the heart, so full of love
Cannot put into word
The height and depth and breadth thereof
That leaves it humbly stirred

Sometimes the joy of gratitude 
Finds speech impossible
To utter with exactitude
What makes a heart so full
Sometimes the humble tears we weep
Are all we have to say
Lord, thank-you for what none can keep
Yet fills our every day

© Janet Martin

...very weary, old woman hitting the sack.
G'night all:)


  1. The "weary old woman" looking good!

    1. lol! thank-you:)
      refreshed and ready for round #2! a little slower going due to taking a few tots with me today.

  2. Great photos. Wonderful poem.

  3. What an incredible way to spend your birthday! Looks great!


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