Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Morning Medley

I had a little flower photo-shoot while waiting on the youngsters to arrive this morning...
Farewell, sweet, sweetest May

Leaf-lace on woodland’s viridian veil
Showcase for perfume of lilac-lined trail
Laughter from rafters of sapphire sweep
After the ire of winter-winds sleep

Romance of tulip and forget-me-not
Slow-dance of zephyr on hill and tree-top
Twitter and titter of fair, feathered throng
Dew-diamond glitter gilds dawn’s meadow-song

Garden-plots grin with the glint of first-fruit
Tiny tots traipse through its haven, bare-foot
Rain-streams and sunbeams ravish nature’s need
Daydreamers dally where bud-ballets bleed

Wealth wills bloom-wonder to beggar-like bards
Earth spills plumed plunder to gaunt limbs and yards
Gone is the groaning of ‘when will it be’
Spring spawns atonement for hope’s misery

Merchant and miser alike cannot claim
Garment of nature nor lock of Her mane
Silver sun-sparkles on shimmering seas
Shiver of poplar leaf-lay on the breeze

Summer, a murmur of moments away
Calmer, the commonness of middle day
Fairer the freeway of blush pinks and creams
Where May is heaven of earth, so it seems

© Janet Martin

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  1. So beautiful: both the poem and the photos.


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