Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's Almost Summer

It dawned on me at dusk...we are halfway through June.
How can that be?! Slow down, sweet June night-morning-afternoon...
 I babysit for a few teachers and the school-year end is a highly stressful time. Tonight as I said 'hang in there, it's almost summer' it struck those three words are surely one of the best combinations in the world! It's almost summer, not yet started meaning it's not quite close to being over yet! What do you love best about summer? For me it's everything!
(next day; okay, so I thought of one thing that I might not fully love about summer...
never-ending window-cleaning!:)

It’s almost summer
The land of fence lines
Laced with flowers wild
The place of high-noon holiday
And happy-go-lucky child
Of garden green
And shadows lean
On twilight’s golden slope
Of raindrop rivers overflowing
Wilted hearts with hope
Of flower-friends
And paths that bend
Up to the sky-wide blue
Of busyness and happiness
Of summer-life to-do
Of shores that splay
The waves that lay
Their songs upon the sand
Where bare feet loll
And lover’s stroll
The boardwalk hand in hand
Where morning pours
From honeyed jars
And youth is not an age
Where chicory
Bewitches ditches
Where brooks are fringed with sage
And gardens brim
With veggie-vim
And harvest hymn prelude
Where we drink in
The mauve-pink grin
Of platinum sun subdued
Of flip-flop feet
And iced tea, sweet
And pools of shaded deep
Of locust drone
Of lawns, fresh-mown
Where we lounge, half-asleep
Of work and play
And stay up late
And listen to the stars
And trespass where
The darkened air
Runs paler on dawn’s bars
Where pantomime
Of silk-spun Time
Is drenched with dust and dew
Where worlds are washed
With wonder of
Winter-long dreams come true
It’s almost summer
Land of roses
Sun-kissed, freckled grin
For, where the door of
Fair Spring closes
Summer rushes in

© Janet Martin


  1. Wonderful tribute to summer

  2. I love the long evenings and twilight late into the day. I love the idea of flipflops and snapping screen doors, although I have neither at present. I love reading Anne's hopeful stories and sitting on the deck on a balmy (not too hot) afternoon.

    I try not to look at windows that need washing. :)

    1. I love those things too! and I can turn a blind eye to windows for a little but I hate when the window spoils the view;-)


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