Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Today-Tree...and Today's 'Dave Update'

How about this flower, suggested little Luke as we picked a bouquet for his mom.

No, that flowers is all done, I explained.
See its petals by your feet?

"Oh! You poor, poor flower" mourned Luke, "you will never be a flower again."

(I should pick it. A spent bloom retains its own special beauty.)

 The hour blooms then fades away
Its flower always in Today
While past expands its ether lands
And turns a color-world to gray

What was will not return again
Dusk seals each day with night’s amen
No pleading prayer ignites the flare
Of season’s scattered ash, my friend

We laugh, toil, sing and drink and eat
And oft forget, when life is sweet
The dearness of hours we love
Until sorrow stills dancing feet

And then we bow beneath the tree
That lent the bloom that bent the knee
…with solemn sighs we bid goodbyes
To petals of what used to be

…where flower blooms and then abates
Where mercy meters what yet waits
Where we who hold what dusk will fold
Learn to trust God for budded gates

© Janet Martin

 The Lord watches over you.

Today's 'Dave update'

Thank-you for your prayers!
His wife sent this update a few hours ago!

 Hi Everyone
Just a quick update on Dave, I phoned down to the hospital this morning to see how his night was, Nurse said he had a really good night, his breathing is good and he is taking bigger breathes. He even could cough up some stuff which made him feel much better. An Answer to our prayers, thank you for those.

I also had a good night sleep last night.


  1. Beautiful poem. Happy your brother is doing better. I will still include him in my prayers.

  2. Martin, thank-you and God bless! We are so grateful for the prayers because no matter what, it will be a LONG road back!!


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