Monday, June 5, 2017

Rural Summer Mural

Halo of mist on a morn half-awake
Lowing of cattle-beast wafts on the air
Gentle, so gentle, is rural daybreak
Echo of Eden and God walking there

Raindrops on roses, far hills, baby-blue
Heaven lends earth little glimpses, oh my
Meadow-sweeps dazzle with diamonds of dew
Beauty unstoppers a flask held sky-high

Hearty and humble, each task close at hand
Laundry-lines laden with cotton ballet
Coffers of sun-gold spill over the land
Rousing aroma of alfalfa-hay

Happy hens clucking a laid-an-egg boast
Red rooster fluffing his look-at-me strut
Fresh coffee fragrance, berry jam on toast
Life leaves so little to rankle with ‘but’

Somewhere a violinist, soft and slow
Across an ocean of barley and wheat
Touches its tawny timbre with a bow
Stirring a ballad of dust, sultry-sweet

Pink portulaca in pots on a porch
Lazy dog lolls on the cool of the floor
Screen door slaps languidly, noon lights a torch
Garden-gifts gathered for lunch and much more

Purple coneflowers play a petal hymn
Maple-tree awning spawns sit-a-spell shade
Buzz of cicada tunes afternoon’s limb
Simple siesta of cold lemonade

Twilight delivers rose-gold lullaby
Highlighting shivers of leaf on the air
Gentle, so gentle, rural eventide
Echo of Eden and God walking there

© Janet Martin


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed!