Sunday, June 11, 2017

Divine 'Do Nots'

 We grew up singing a capella shaped-note four part harmony like the song below
My mother put a photo in my birthday card this week, from days gone by before voices grew rusty...
  'an after-supper-dishes-are-done sister sing-song' 
Those age-old words in scripture and hymn are as relevant now as when they were written! Praise the Lord!

Soft zephyr serenades the break of day
Where we are always never far away
From what; who knows, but mercy’s smile and tear
Are shod with God’s kind bidding, ‘do not fear

The flower of the hour falls away
Today is always almost yesterday
Tomorrow, none can borrow save in prayer
To heed hope’s creed of trust, ‘do not despair

Time’s four-season sun-and-shadow quadrille
Is never always only good or ill
Still, many do not know what they believe
Deaf to admonition 'do not deceive

The prophecies of old unfold, few awed
But they who are can feel the hand of God
As He replenishes man’s mortal cup
With whispers deep within ‘do not give up

© Janet Martin

The photo below will give you an opportunity to enjoy as well,
 these beautiful birthday-gift blooms!

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