Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Role Call

On Sunday we attended a BBQ-birthday party for one of the little girls I babysit. 
As we chatted I was struck by how many 'roles' were represented by the guests...
A few teachers, a farmer-engineer-entrepreneur, a trucker, a daycare-giver(me:), dietician, lawyer, principal, editor, a family fresh from Korea hoping to start up a children's hair-care franchise,  to name a few.

Here on this bubble of toiling and trouble and laughter and loving and leaving, oh my
We are not people born free, lackadaisical; we have a role to fulfill, you and I
And if we do our part, life is a heart to heart work of art; everyone helping along
Making the most of time’s intrinsic coast with its tick-by-tock tiptoe to twilight’s swansong
Where at the end of this living and giving, my friend, we will not stay silent in the grave
But stand before the Lord; He will dole the reward for how we revered the role that He gave

© Janet Martin

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