Thursday, June 15, 2017

Short and Sweet

What's filling your short sweetness these days... Below is a glimpse of mine;-)

This Dust of trust and lust and Must
Of fear and tear and kisses dear
Ordains intrinsic heart of us
With hope and faith and humble cheer

For what we have and hold soon folds
From here to there where far or near
The echo of love’s grays and golds
Drift back from Bygone’s belvedere

So then the yen of when-how-why
Does not let thought admit defeat
Because life's ken of try-try-try
We come to see, is short and sweet

© Janet Martin

This little gal is the epitome of short and sweet!


  1. ...unless we make the most of each moment. My son still walks ahead of me holding his sister's hand. (adorable pictures)

    1. :) while we are making the most of them they seem to disappear! I was stunned to check the calendar today to realize we are half-way through June!!! I thought it had just begun...



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