Friday, June 23, 2017

More Than We Know

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

I wrote this post this morning then checked out the basement after hearing there is major flooding in the local town of Drayton. This day is being spent cleaning up a huge over-refreshment-ing of basement and rec room.

below, an overhead shot  of Drayton right now!

This day is dressed like all the rest
In moment metered measure
With God to move in mortal breast
To will and do His pleasure

Mankind is lent one life, my dears
Ah, who can know its hours?
So laugh thy joys and weep thy tears
Where deed is seed that flowers

So pray thy prayer and choose thy God
Astute corroboration
…where touch and taste with subtle laud
Demonstrates confirmation

From womb to tomb; virtue and vice
Tests and attests intention
The increase of love’s sacrifice
Beyond our comprehension

Where God, so rich in mercy grants
Much more than man can fathom
And blesses he who humbly plants
And trusts God for the outcome

© Janet Martin

Today's Dave-Update inspired Today's Poem
Thank-you for your prayers.
 Karen, Dave's wife wrote last night:

GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!!  Prayer is powerful. Today at the hospital was such a good day. I couldn’t believe how much different he was this morning from when I left him last night.  His pain is under control more, he is able to rest much easier, his oxygen  machine  was lower today, he is breathing more himself, his lung is starting to reflate, and he is coughing up phlegm.

They had him sitting up in a chair for the first time today. Tomorrow they are going to try and have him stand maybe.

He was more awake and talking and opening his eyes and focusing today and he ate a  little bit of food.

Another prayer request;   he asked the Dr to check his right arm because he is having problems moving it. They did an  x-ray and it showed nothing wrong, but he is having trouble moving it and since his other side his collar bone is broken he can't do much. He tried eating some soup but can’t get the spoon to his mouth, so I have to feed him. That no problem for me but very frustrating for Dave. So please pray for strength

Long road ahead but with the improvements today hopefully it’s all up hill now.

Today I feel so much better. My friends and family I talked to today could hear it in my voice. I am sure I will get a better much-needed sleep  tonight

Again I want to thank you for all the prayers, phone calls, texts.  I feel so blessed. They are sure helping me in more ways than you know.

Afternoon update just now!
...and this afternoon she called to ask if I would share the good news that he is being transferred from the Trauma Canter to a hospital much closer to home. Once again the change from yesterday to today is like night and day. Please keep praying and praising God for prayers already answered!


  1. Thank you for this splendid poem and the update about your brother.

    1. thank-you for caring! I'm completely blown away by the kindness of 'strangers'!


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