Friday, June 2, 2017

Sole Goal

"If you're wearing yellow you may go!" shouted the leader.
Two delighted girls instantly found yellow on their summer tops and 'went'.
However, no amount of pleading could persuade the leader that orange counted as yellow,
no matter how much little Luke insisted that 'it's almost yellow!'

Someday, if we have not followed the 'rules' God clearly laid out for this earthly challenge
there will be no exceptions made at the Gates of Heaven when we plead with 'almost'!
Let's make our 'calling and election sure' before it is too late because there is no changing the rules, ever.
There is One Way into Heaven; Jesus. His shed blood is our ransom and only if we believe in Him will we be saved!


A wise man makes his soul-goal his sole goal

Ah, kindly Keeper of each soul
Ah, love immaculate
Let us not blindly miss The Goal
Because we chose to wait

To delay is a deadly vice
Forbid that we fall prey
To Things that may seem safe and nice
But lead the heart astray

Death is not all that it appears
Beyond its silent pose
Begins a life not marked by years
Where soul of mortal goes

And there, forever-evermore
The Soul of man will be
Time’s day of grace is but a door
Into eternity

© Janet Martin

The unfolding of your words gives light;
it gives understanding to the simple.

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