Friday, June 9, 2017

Today, If We Should Pass Away...

A grim reminder of the ephemeral tent of time...
Today, a memorial is being held for a mother of seven killed in a traffic accident on her way to picking up her daughter at piano lessons. 
Tributes of praise for her kind and generous character pour in...

Be very careful, then, how you live--not as unwise but as wise,

Today, if we should pass away
From all that we would leave behind
With nothing left to do or say
Would our legacy be kind?

Today its full abundance pours
In glorious opportunity
An inkwell filled with hope and chores
And God-allotted poetry

Today is like a sacred pen
And Now, a page that God imparts
Whereon we write, before Amen
Seals our legacy in hearts

Today, oh pray we bear in mind
How important ‘the time we took’
And, would our legacy be kind
If today God should close its book

© Janet Martin

 Live, laugh, love.
For who knows; tomorrow
Might spill its trove
In death's tears and sorrow


  1. So so sad but a beautiful poem

    1. So sad!They described her loss as a 'gaping hole in the family'.

  2. Thank you for this very important message (yes, I have lived a great book)


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