Thursday, June 15, 2017

When It Rains...

When it rains kitchens become havens of slower, simpler joys
Tea and cookie celebrations; mom with little girls and boys
Supper salad veggie-ventures; rainbow-splashes in a dish
Upsy-daisy little fellow, eat as much joy as you wish

Pitter-patter, chitter-chatter, look, a hummingbird, that’s cool
Diamonds dripping, dancing slipping to a green-leaf garden pool
Afternoon is like a tune out of an old-time picture-show

When the sky unchains a strain of plush percussion, low then high
Kitchens like a midday beacon beckon loved ones to stop by
Humble home-sweet-home oasis graces lips with laughter’s vim
While outside a crooner traces twig and sprig with nature’s hymn

Silver sliver of a river quivers on each frond and flow’r
Wakens wilted wisps with heaven’s life-anointed mercy-show’r
Kitchen windows, doors swing open to welcome songs from the sky
Earth is like an Eden jeweled with glass rhinestone run awry

© Janet Martin

Very little equals the joy of listening to the music of a much-needed rain...
while dabbling in culinary arts!

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  1. A delight brought to life. It was a moment like this that gave birth to a chef. (My daughter)


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