Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stairway to God...and first update on Dave's injuries

Oh, sacred place of hope and grace and promises secure
The Lord will hear our cry and His reply is always best
No matter what befalls, the love of God is true and sure
And prayer is mankind’s solace when tempests of trial test

Futile for man to try to understand the mind of God
His thoughts and ways are higher and often misunderstood
For we see but in part; the Lord is merciful, His rod
Though it seems oh, so grievous is always for our good

Sweet hour of prayer, where God is there to comfort our plea
He succors our need and intercedes from up above
As ever, without limit flows His gentle sympathy
Where once upon a cross He proved the fullness of His love

Do not despair; our Lord is near, how dear His promises
He hears our call; his ears are always tuned to our cry
Where prayer is mankind’s stairway to God’s faultless faithfulness
His perfect intercession knows our need and will supply

© Janet Martin

SO much to pray for these days.
Please, pray with us for my brother Dave.
We are waiting word on his injuries after a work accident yesterday when
he was air-lifted to Hamilton hospital.
He is in much pain!

First update:
It appears that he fell onto his left side, and he broke his left collar bone, all the ribs on his left side, fractured bones in his mid to lower spine, he has a collapsed lung, and has a small tear in his spleen.
He has oxygen to help him breath because of his collapsed lung, and has a tube in his side draining out fluids.
He is in the Trauma Unit, and there is a nurse in his room monitoring him all the time.  He is in a lot of pain and is quite heavily medicated to try to control that.
At this time it looks like his injuries should heal on their own without surgery.

Let us continue to lift their family up in prayer, and pray that Dave will heal quickly, and that Karen and the children will have peace too.


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