Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Of Ether Rembrandts

"H-m-m-m, I wonder what today will look like before its all over", 
I said to Victoria this morning, as I viewed a rather muddled ‘must-do’ list

 When this bush blooms it resurrects echoes from Bygone's rooms...
June 1995

We want for much; while touch of Time leaves laugh-lines on our cheeks
And siphons from thin air, the lair that harbors days and weeks
This grandiose acquaintance with the rise and set of sun
Delivers ether Rembrandts to the place where past is hung
While new day pours Time’s age-old wars from jars of groan and grin
And pens, through its perusal, chronicles beneath our skin

If we have all we need then want is not too much to bear
Though for want’s quiet cause we plead and breathe hope into prayer
That blatant ache of dread, while we break bread beneath blue sky
Demands the valor of a soldier in life’s battle cry
For training grounds of trust are all up-hill, we must proceed
Because we have much more than most if we have all we need

Do not despair; the air that tolls the golden bell of dawn
Is like an invitation to ‘gird up and carry on
For what has been will be again though not quite like before
And we are always on the verge of Unknown’s Something More
The storehouse that holds future-past unfolds a gap between
Where Now is like a canvas cast to capture rev’ries scene

The heart should burst for love; both blessed and cursed by what it brings
The thorn and bloom of it consumes us with rapture and stings
Its Want is like a child we nurse and try to train and teach
The pros and cons of straining for Something still out of reach
Bravo, dear dreamer, but oh, do not overlook the gift
That drops its pearls then gathers them into dusk’s rose-blue rift

Darling, the death of days and years will never drain dawn’s deep
Its birth of here and now appears with promises to keep
Hello, sweet yellow cello in yon blue orchestral sea
Your sheet music spills puddles of shadow beneath the tree
Where we of wish and wonder walk and talk and ever learn
New truths from age-old lessons taught through laws of no return

© Janet Martin

No one can afford to look back too long 
without missing out on today’s moment-song!

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  1. Wonderful Word Wizardry to take our mind adrift.


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